Community dialogues & Sensitization

We are always engaging different communities and sensitizing them on the physical, psychological and economic effects of female genital mutilation/Cutting, child marriage and other related harmful cultural practices. Our community dialogues/trainings take different forms including but not limited to:

• Positive Parenting Forums

These forums bring together dads/mums and their daughters/sons with the aim of opening up conversations around FGM/C, menstrual hygiene, child marriage and other issues that affect them as children.

• Sensitizing the elders

Elders are the custodians of culture in different communities and they hold necessary keys to unlocking harmful cultural practices. Engaging them ensures nobody is left behind in the quest to end harmful practices.

• Training of Male Champions

Training of Men End FGM champions in the 22 hot-spot counties aims at creating a critical mass of men and boys who clearly understand the need to change harmful social norms. Men yield immense power in different aspects of women’s life’s as fathers, bread winners, brothers, magistrates, religious and political leaders as well as custodians of cultural practices. We need to woo, lobby and identify men as allies in the quest to eliminate all forms of gender violence.

• Community Outreaches

Ending FGM/C and other harmful practices is everyone’s responsibility. Through this we engage community members in churches, barazas and under the tree trainings.

• Sensitizing Religious/Traditional Leaders

Religious and Traditional leaders are key stake-holders in the fight against FGM, child marriage and other forms of sexual and gender based violence. “They have free platforms every Sunday, Friday and in all gatherings, in many communities they are listened to more than the government officials and politicians”