Social Media

Men End FGM movement was born from an online campaign and we have positioned ourselves as the leaders and pace setters in online campaigns. Our online campaigns put pressure on policy makers, law enforcers as well as informs online users of different issues affecting our communities. Some of the notable online campaigns we have carried include:


This is our signature online campaign that rallies men and boys to join the quest to end FGM/C. Through this campaign we rally, lobby and highlight voices of men from all over the world who are standing against FGM/C and other harmful practices. The purpose of this is to celebrate the male champions as well as give courage to men out there who are afraid of publicly declaring their support to the fight against FGM.

Key Achievements

  • We are in the process of identifying and training male End FGM/C champions across Kenya
  • Official recognition by Government of Kenya (GOK) on the need to involve men and boys in ending FGM by listing it as one of the key activities in the Government Policy towards eradication of FGM in Kenya (2019)
  • Won the Break The Silence award by There Is No Limit Foundation on the sideline of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 74) in 2019


This online campaign was to seek justice for a girl named Jelida who died from FGM related complications in Meru County in December of 2018. The online campaign was coupled with peaceful demonstrations. As a result of this campaign the government as well as NGOs are more focused on combating FGM/C in Meru County

Key Achievements

  • The deceased was given a decent burial against the traditions of the Meru community
  • Some of the perpetrators were arrested and charged
  • Focus on FGM cases in Meru county was prioritized by government and partners

This campaign reached over 10M people across the World


This campaign aims at appealing to the world to put more attention on addressing FGM/C as 200 Million women and girls reported to have undergone FGM/C in the world represent dreams killed, lifetime of suffering due to psychological, physical and economic suffering due to effects of FGM and not just a number.

“Enough is enough no other women or girl should become an FGM statistic